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Final Day pol 004

Final Day pol 004 - Tension between Nomos and Physis-Laws...

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Final Day pol 004 M.L.K. invokes Socrates -he sees the truth but is being punished for it -Socrates as a gadfly, which is trying to prod to action M.L.K -if our laws are created by mutual agreement, the abuse of those laws creates the obligation of the public to disobey -problem, people have different views of what justice is a). Hitler/Rest of World b). Is there a universal standard for justice? Socrates/Plato -justice is about destroying opinions and finding truth to base political understanding around.
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Unformatted text preview: Tension between Nomos and Physis-Laws vs. Justice Final Exam-terms-quotations-one long essay Terms-identify and define, identify the work it comes from, and state significance Quotations-identify the context of the quotation, why it is important, and themes implicated Long Essay-centered around a theme, must use Plato then use any author after...
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