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Unformatted text preview: Darren Pinder POL 004 Paper 1 The Noble Lie In The Republic of Plato, we are introduced to ancient Athens, a city of enlightenment and philosophy. Plato describes a city whose population is organized into the categories of: guardians, auxiliaries, and common people. The guardians would elect the rulers of the city because of their interest in the overall well being of the city. Auxiliaries would be guardians in training, and common people made up the general populace. The ruler must tell the people of the city the noble lie, which states that the separation of categories is not due to circumstances within peoples control, education, or wealth. Instead, it is due to the god. The god, as the lie goes, put gold, silver, and iron into each persons soul; the metals would determine the category a person would be part of. The ruler would then convey to the people that if their childrens souls had bronze or iron they would drop down in ranks accordingly and if a farmers child were born with gold in his soul, he would rise to the guardian...
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