GEL 001 - Geologic Time How does a geologist use the...

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How does a geologist use the principles of superposition and original horizontality to reconstruct the geologic history of an outcrop? O.H.-deposited horizontally according to gravity or changed due to geologic processes. Super-older at bottom, bends and cracks can tell us about past geo processes What methods do geologists use to determine the ages of geologic deposits? Relative dating, absolute dating-radioactive decay of certain atoms in a rock- carbon-6000, K and Ur-billions of yrs. What is the difference between a relative and an absolute time scale? Relative has no number and absolute does. In class we used the analogy of great-great grandparents and great-great grandchildren to illustrate geologic time. Develop your own analogy for the geologic time scale. How long did dinosaurs roam the Earth and how does this compare with the time that hominids (humans) have been around? Humans-4 million, dinosaurs-150 million Conventional Energy Resources What are the differences between the origin of oil and the origin of coal? Coal- rock, plants remains preserved by mud and water. Oil, zooplankton covered by sediments in the ocean. What are the primary sources of energy in the United States? Oil and water. Why are fossil fuels called non-renewable resources? It takes such a long time to make them What are the consequences of our current rate of consumption of oil in the United States? In 50-100 yrs it will all be gone What is the Hubbert Curve and what does it tell us about global production of oil? The curve explains rate of production over time. It tells us that the demand for oil will surpass the actual supply What are some of the environmental costs of associated with the burning of coal? Huge pollution problem. Huge health hazard. Contributes heavily to global
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GEL 001 - Geologic Time How does a geologist use the...

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