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Essay 3 his 4c midterm

Essay 3 his 4c midterm - living standards How They Are...

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Notes on the Middle Class -first appeared in Europe in the late middle ages with the revival of trade and development -at the lower end were shopkeepers and at the higher end were rich capitalists -underwent huge expansions due to the advent of the Industrial Revolution a) offered new forms of productions that often required lots of investment and labor b) more jobs available to working class -Were able to promote their interests through the government a) led to corruption of government officials in many countries, i.e. France Notes on the Working Class -were at first known as serfs during feudal era -ranged from government employed workers to privately employed day laborers -In Marxist beliefs were considered the source of wealth in society -defined economically by the organization of traditional communities in order to produce workers and the vast surplus of production available from the industrialization creating better
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Unformatted text preview: living standards How They Are Related-som: the means of production became the people the those who controlled those means were the capitalists of the middle class-Industrial Revolution created an amount of wealth that seemed to be limitless-saw the “bourgeoisie” rise to economic and political power as well the rise of capitalism and trade-much of the old peasant society was drafted into the factories.-created a huge difference in wealth among classes-huge difference in political rights such as voting and political “pull” on national issues-huge rise Romanticism and Marxism led to ideas of a classless society -although many countries have tried to eliminate class struggle through Communism, it hasn’t worked to this day...
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