ire 104 week 3

ire 104 week 3 - Darren Pinder IRE 104/SOC 104 Week 3...

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Unformatted text preview: Darren Pinder IRE 104/SOC 104 Week 3 January 17, 2011 International migration is very complicated and difficult to understand. There are many ambiguities and uncertainties that arise when trying to identify the motivation for international migration. Why is it that atomized individuals, as well as family units gather their belongings and migrate to a mysterious country where they essentially have to start their lives over? The media and governments around the world describe immigrants, as individuals trying to escape violence and poverty in developing countries. Growing populations and low wages have left people with no choice but to go and seek a better, more prosperous life abroad 1 . However, this is a very trivial view provided to the general public. It doesn’t take into account the individuals who take on enormous risks to migrate illegally that aren’t poor in their native country. In many cases, individuals or family units leave their country due to risks pertaining to a household’s material well-being, a weak or absent system of credit, economic insertion of foreign countries, and interpersonal ties connecting previous migrants. In most developed countries, the risks to a household’s material well-being is controlled though markets and government run programs 2 . For example, crop insurance and the certainty of future market places allows farmers the ability to protect themselves against any crop destruction or price fluctuations 3 . Conversely, in poor countries future markets are uncertain and insurance is ....
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ire 104 week 3 - Darren Pinder IRE 104/SOC 104 Week 3...

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