IRE 104 Week 7

IRE 104 Week 7 - Pinder 1 Darren Pinder IRE 104/SOC 104...

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Darren Pinder IRE 104/SOC 104 Week 7 February 14, 2011 “All States claim the sovereign right to control their borders” 1 . Nevertheless the focus of control has varied over the years depending on economic conditions and social restructuring of countries all over the world. During pre-and-post war eras, there was a common focus on those immigrants considered undesirables. For example, the United States government instituted the formation of detention camps for Japanese immigrants in the United States during the Second World War. This was greatly different than today’s focus in the United States, which is, the control of illegal immigration and the mind-altering during trade. On the US-Mexican border, the escalation of clandestine activities has required the creation of tougher policies, and increase in national budget, the use of sophisticated detection equipment, and the expansion of many national security agencies. However, there has still been an exponential increase of the influx of illegal immigrants into the United States. Although the U.S. government has augmented control over their borders, illegal immigration has continually increased due to the minimal consequences associated with the trade, the formation of more organized trafficking, as well as the establishment of policies with a focus on public opinion rather than any form of structural change. The main focus of controlling an illegal trade from the point of view of national law
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IRE 104 Week 7 - Pinder 1 Darren Pinder IRE 104/SOC 104...

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