IRE 104 week 8

IRE 104 week 8 - Pinder 1 Darren Pinder IRE 104/SOC 104...

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Darren Pinder IRE 104/SOC 104 Week 8 February 21, 2011 “The popular notion that the U.S.-Mexico border is out of control falsely assumes that there was once a time when it was truly under control” 1 . As more public attention is focused on the issue of migrant and drug smuggling along the border, it should be known that these clandestine activities are part of a long history involving both the U.S. and Mexican governments. The U.S. has repeatedly tried time and again to curb illegal immigration across this border with little or no effect on the fluctuations of migratory flows. Whether it be through the use of restrictive policies, increased border patrol, or mass arrests, nothing has seemed to be able to lower the amount of illegal smuggling from the U.S.-Mexico border. Looking deeper into these fluctuations, we see that increased migrant smuggling has been due to immigration policy changes in the U.S., labor shortages in time of economic depression, and adverse effects of migrant based government programs. One of the first times the United States ever attempted to control immigration was through the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882, which was put in place to make Mexico the main pathway through which Chinese immigrants would cross the border. This led to an increase in smuggling fees for these migrants creating a major decrease in Chinese and Asian border crossing. Along with restrictions on European immigration in 1921 and 1924, came labor
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IRE 104 week 8 - Pinder 1 Darren Pinder IRE 104/SOC 104...

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