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IRE 104 week 9 - Pinder 1 Darren Pinder IRE 104/SOC 104...

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Darren Pinder IRE 104/SOC 104 Week 9 February 28, 2011 Immigration is not only a worldwide phenomenon, but also an international commodity. Trade between countries, changes in prices and wages, as well as international policies affect the patterns of global migration as far as the destination countries for labor movement. In the book, Moving Millions: How Capitalism Fuels Global Immigration , Jeffrey Kaye describes the degree of interdependency countries act with cheap labor to support the worldwide economy, the billions of dollars in remittance's, and the dominance migrant labor has on economic development. The main point that stands out in his work is the fact that globalization and capitalism determine international migration patterns in many third world economies around the world. Global capitalism has led to the creation of a billion-dollar human smuggling industry, the dependence of countries on cheap labor, and the upheaval of local markets by foreign investors. When foreign investors invade a local market they displace local industry and usually create negative effects within the economy of the said country. Kaye provides a solid example of this with a description of the rice industry in Senegal. This industry is so globalized, that the country is currently importing about 80 percent of their national supply of rice, even though they
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IRE 104 week 9 - Pinder 1 Darren Pinder IRE 104/SOC 104...

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