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Question 3 IRE 104 - -Legal 1. Private recruiting and...

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3. Migration Industry : Using “Moving Millions,” describe three different examples of the role of migration industries. Migration Industry -provides both illegal and legal supply of labor -migrant labor is necessary for the promotion of trade and the global economy -migration industry provides cheap labor, place for migrants to seek entry into global economy and a marketplace for countries and large corporations to “buy” labor. Cheap labor is necessary -global economy is growing 1.more countries are becoming industrialized 2. industrialized countries require labor to keep their economy running -Dubai example in Moving Millions -Labor is important (food, nutrition, raw materials, GDP, International Trade) Migration creates a multi-billion dollar industry
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Unformatted text preview: -Legal 1. Private recruiting and government programs (Bracero and H-1B) 2. Corporations and publically traded companies also involved-Illegal 1. Smuggling a. Coyotoes, bodyshops, etc. 2. Subbu example from Moving Millions Global Marketplace-need+industry=marketplace-migrants are as important as commodities-countries give aid/money to developing countries 1. mobile underclass created as richer countries pour money into poor countries a. wealth of other countries creates idea of migration (cognitive migration)-Transnational companies pg. 52 Moving Millions-Urbanization is the result of all economic and social factors associated with cheap labor and need for it....
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