error_421 - E(i,1) = abs(dftrue-D(i,1)); end e loglog (H,...

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%Problem 4.21 % function error_421(x,n) f format long; f h = 1; h H = zeros(10,1); D = zeros(10,1); E = zeros(10,1); E dftrue = dfunc(x); H(1,1) = h; D(1,1) = (func(x+h) - func(x-h))/(2*h); E(1,1) = abs(dftrue-D(1,1)); E for i = 2:n h = h/10; H(i,1) = h; D(i,1) = (func(x+h) - func(x-h))/(2*h);
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Unformatted text preview: E(i,1) = abs(dftrue-D(i,1)); end e loglog (H, E) l title ('Plot of Error Versus Step Size') t xlabel ('Step Size') ylabel ('Error') y end e function new1 = func(x) f new1 = cos(x); end e function new2 = dfunc(x) f new2 = -sin(x); end...
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