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Business Communication Written Communication Assignment Four (WC4) Bad News Letter The Persimmon Personal Assistant is such a popular PDA that it has been impossible  to keep it in stock. You continue to receive requests, however. The manufacturer is out  of stock as well; in fact, the current model of the Persimmon is no longer being  produced because a newer version will be introduced in two months.  Assume you are the Director of the Sales at Persimmon Inc. You have a customer who  keeps asking for the Persimmon PDA. Your job is to send a refusal letter to the  customer.   Some facts about the customer to keep in mind as your write: The customer has been loyal to Persimmon products for 5 years. The customer asked for the Persimmon MP3 phone 2 years ago and was denied 
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Unformatted text preview: for similar reasons. The customer was responsible for transferring her entire office over to Persimmon products resulting in a jump in sales for that quarter. Address your letter to: Tosha Cunning, 4819 Bluetooth Drive, Edmond, Oklahoma 73120. Be certain to follow the proper formatting requirements and other written communication elements discussed in class. Your grade for this assignment will be based on the following criteria: Proper formatting (modified block format) Grammatically correct and error-free writing Using the appropriate organizational structure with an effective buffer (see the text pp. 248-249) for your letter...
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