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Case Discussion Assignment %28OC1%29

Case Discussion Assignment %28OC1%29 - • Evaluating and...

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Business Communication Oral Communication Assignment One (OC1) Case Discussion – Ripped from the Headlines Objective:  The objective of this assignment is to become aware of the types of  communication businesses may use when they face difficult situations while  developing your critical thinking, presentation, and facilitation skills.   Description:  The article discussion is a 4 to 5-minute presentation in which you will  inform the class about a recent business article you have read with an ethical dilemma.  You will lead the class in a discussion using critical thinking and thought-provoking  questions.  You will be responsible for the following elements: Sharing the elements and details of the article
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Unformatted text preview: • Evaluating and analyzing any ethical implications using independent thought • Connecting the case to communication concepts discussed in the textbook chapter and in class • Stimulating discussion amongst your classmates through the use of original and critical questions You should be prepared to give your presentation on the day you have signed up. The presentation should: • Be presented with effective body language and delivery style • Use outside credible sources if necessary Suggestions: • Start early! • Use notes / note cards to help collect your thoughts for your presentation • Prepare – practice – present...
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