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SP 11 Exam 2 Study Guide - Justification reports Determine...

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SP 11 Exam 2 Study Guide Chapter 2— Types of business messages Formal vs. informal communication flow Message flow Organizational structures External communication Chapter 3— All components of the MESSAGES acronym Credibility Demographics Chapter 8— Revising and redrafting “You” view Abstract vs. concrete language Memo vs. letter format Modified block vs. full block style Email subject lines Chapter 9— When to use an indirect strategy When to use a direct strategy Direct vs. rude communication Negative message format Types of buffers Chapter 10—
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Unformatted text preview: Justification reports Determine the mission Primary vs. Secondary data collection Chapter 11 – Consider the audience to determine strategy Chapter 12 – What is culture? Ethnocentrism Deep and observable culture Elements of diversity Chapter 13 — Redesigning a relationship Nonverbal communication The 4 C’s of effective small groups Groupthink Chapter 14 – The face of resistance Employee buy-in Multidirectional and multimedia comm. Unintended messages Traditional conflict strategies...
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