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Two-Minute Drill %26 Mock Interview %28OC2%29 (1)

Two-Minute Drill %26 Mock Interview %28OC2%29 (1) - •...

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Business Communication Oral Communication Assignment Two (OC2) Two-Minute Drill & Mock Interview Description: This assignment is designed to prepare you for the employment search  process. You should complete an application letter and resume (as discussed in WC2)  as well as prepare a two-minute drill to be used for an in-class mock interview.  Two-Minute Drill Prepare a two-minute drill divided into four 30-second segments that you could use in  response to the interview question, “Tell me about yourself.”  Cover the following  areas: Extracurricular activities Education
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Unformatted text preview: • Work experience • Knowledge, skills, and abilities Be sure that everything you include reinforces your suitability for the job you selected to apply for in your cover letter. In-class Mock Interview Prepare for an in-class mock interview on the position you have selected. All of your comments during the interview should BE TRUTHFUL and should position you within an employment opportunity context. IF YOU MISS CLASS ON THE DAY YOUR NAME IS CALLED FOR THE INTERVIEW YOU WILL RECEIVE A “0” FOR ALL PARTS OF THIS ASSIGNMENT!...
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