Study Guide Chapters 1- 50

Study Guide Chapters 1- 50 - Define Distress Health effects...

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Healthy Life Skills Exam #1 Review Ch. 1-5 The exam is 50 multiple-choice questions. Review textbook and all notes Chapter 1: Define Wellness Dimensions of Wellness Identify major health problems in the US What are the factors that contribute to and affect wellness? Leading causes of death (The Big 3) Ecological View Transtheoretical Model - Stages of behavior change Social Determinants of Health 2 major goals of Healthy People 2010 Chapter 2: What is the purpose for creating a family health tree? What can you learn from your family healthy tree? Know the genetic disorders that your book discusses. Chapter 3: Mental Health What age is your brain fully developed? What is optimism? What is meant by emotional intelligence? What does resilience mean? What are symptoms of depression? Define Mental Disorder Stress Response Sympathetic and Parasympathetic Branch Define Eustress
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Unformatted text preview: Define Distress Health effects of stress Maslows Hierarhcy of needs Treatments of Mental Health Know the personality traits we discussed in class-Type A -Type B Chapter 4: Spirituality What is spirituality? According to the surveys it talks about in your book, what is the top source of happiness? What are the components of happiness? What is the purpose of journaling? What are the health benefits of spirituality? According to your textbook, In comparison with the general public, religious people receive what from others? What does service learning encourage student’s to do? What is the goal of hospice? Chapter 5: Sleep Define circadian rhythm What does melatonin do for your body? What is sleep deprivation? What are associations between sleep and health? What are the effects of caffeine, alcohol and nicotine on sleep?...
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Study Guide Chapters 1- 50 - Define Distress Health effects...

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