Syllabus Fall 2010 - H LTH 1112: Healthy Life Skills Fall...

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HLTH 1112: Healthy Life Skills Fall 2010 Instructor: Mrs. Carlie Wellington Office hours: *By appointment* Class Location: EDU 102 E-mail: (or) GENERAL CLASS GUIDELINES **Show up. Show respect. Make an effort.** Come to class. Clearly, you are in college now, and can decide for yourself whether or not to come to class. However this class will entail discussion and group work regularly. If you are not here to participate it will affect your grade. I suggest showing up for class and being prepared to engage in discussion. Be considerate. Ultimately, I cannot make you pay attention and I cannot make you learn. However, I will not allow you to distract from your others in the class. In other words, if you are not in the mood to pay attention and would rather read the newspaper, visit with your neighbors, text message, or surf the internet, just do not come to class. If you are disrupting class, you will be asked to leave. As stated above we will be doing class and group discussions. Keep in mind that we were not all raised and instilled with the same opinions and values. With freedom comes responsibility, and so I encourage you to use discretion and consideration when commenting – we do not all share the same views and upbringing. ABOVE ALL, I expect that you will come to class with respect for me, as well as for your classmates. Take notes.
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Syllabus Fall 2010 - H LTH 1112: Healthy Life Skills Fall...

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