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Healthy Life Skills Web / Literature Review 1. Select a topic for your behavior modification plan. It can be a behavior you want to change now, or one that you think you may want to change in the future. 2. Keep in mind that there are six interrelated dimensions of wellness. Think big!! 3. Once you have your behavior change topic in mind, select an article that focuses on some aspect of that behavior. The article can be from any source such as the internet, magazine, newspaper, books, etc. The article must have a minimal of 3 solid paragraphs. 4. Print your article (remember that you have to turn it in as your source with your paper!). 5. Highlight the main points of the article. 6. Write a one page summary of what the article is about (written in third person -- do not use “I” or “You”). Then write a paragraph about your opinion of the information contained in the article. Is it good information? Do you agree or disagree with their
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Unformatted text preview: findings? Is this a credible source? (Use first person here – “I” and “my”) 7. Use Times New Roman, 12 point font and double space. Also, use left-justified, 1” margins. 8. Turn in your assignment as follows: a. a cover page with your name, date, and the class time ; b. your one and a half page summary and critique with the reference at the top (as done for abstracts only); c. a copy of the original professional article with the main points highlighted; 9. Come see me if you have any questions. DO NOT PLAGERIZE! Example of APA style (place your reference at the top of the paper you submit) Wamsler, C. (2006). Mainstreaming risk reduction in urban planning and housing: A challenge for international aid organisations. Disasters, 30(2), 151-177....
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