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Special Occasion/Group Speech Fundamentals of Communication Instructor: Carole Miller, MA Requirements for Special Occasion/Group Speech 1. Each member of the group must be an active participant and do his/her assignment. 2. Each member will receive three grades for the speech activity: a. Individual grade: This part will be graded on the individual's performance and group member's evaluation and is worth 50 points. b. Group grade: All individual grades will be totaled and divided by the number of participants. If one member of the group fails to perform his/her part, then the group grade will suffer. Example: If the individual scores are 50, 40, 30, 48, 49, then the group's grade is 43. c. Outline grade: One outline will be submitted on behalf of the group, and all members of the group will receive the same grade for the outline. A hard copy of the outline must be given to the instructor immediately following the speech. 3. Each member of the group is required to speak between 2.5 minutes and 4 minutes.
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Unformatted text preview: 4. If one member of the group fails to show up for the speech, then that person's individual grade is "0" and cannot be made up at a later time. The "0" will be the grade used to calculate the group grade. 5. There is a Group Member Evaluation Form which each member completes on the other members. Only the instructor will see these evaluations. Up to 5 points may be deducted from an individual's grade for poor participation and up to 5 points may be added for active/positive participation. 6. Each group has a designated leader which is not to be changed. 7. A self evaluation will NOT be required. Outline Requirements: 1. Key Word 2. No citations, no bibliography, no submission to 3. Must contain a Topic Statement, Introduction, Body & Conclusion 4. Proper outline numbering is the same as you've done on all outlines this semester 5. No Power Point...
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