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The Informative Speech The Informative Speech should have a fully developed introduction, body, and conclusion with smooth transitions. The body of the speech should have 2-3 main points that are clearly previewed in the introduction and reviewed in the conclusion. Adequate support of each main point is required and reference to the source(s) should be provided. The speaking style should be extemporaneous. Written speeches (manuscripts) are NOT allowed. THIS MEANS DO NOT READ YOUR SPEECH. A speaking outline will be used and will be turned in to the instructor. An informative speech provides information and options for an audience. Audience members are left to make up their own mind and search out new information. Remember to tell the audience what to do with the information and/or where to find more or why this information is important. This is referred to as prompting action or a wrap-up. It is not, however, a call to action such as found in a persuasive speech. Make sure to fully develop your introduction and conclusion. The introduction, main points, and conclusion in your outline need to be stated in a full sentences. Make sure the introduction and conclusion contains each element. Make them creative. You want them to gain the attention of the audience and you want to leave the audience remembering what you discussed. Requirements
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informativespeechrequirements - The Informative Speech The...

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