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Fundamentals of Communication COMM 1113 Mrs. Carole Miller, MA Introductory Speech Contents: Props The purpose of this assignment is three-fold: 1) To have an initial speaking opportunity, 2) To get to know each other better, and 3) To reduce tension and communication apprehension. For this assignment each person will be responsible for the following: 1) Preparing a 3-4 minute speech 2) A written copy of the speech is not required; however, an outline of your speech is required. You are required to bring a hard copy to class. Props: 1) For this assignment you are to bring TWO items that represent your life's PAST & FUTURE. 2) Each item should be introduced and explained with detail in a STORY FORMAT. 3) The items can be the actual items or may be images or photographs.
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Unformatted text preview: Body of Speech: 1) Your speech should be thoughtfully and creatively presented. 2) Your speech should include an introduction, 2 main points in the body of the speech. and a conclusion. 3) The introduction needs to capture the audience's attention and preview the body of your speech. 4) The body should be constructed with 2 main points, with each main point being represented by an item that represents something about you. 5) The speech should then conclude in a meaningful, thoughtful, creative way that leaves the audience with something to remember you. Point Value: The point value will be 75 points for the speech and 20 points for outline of speech. The outline must include an introduction, 2 main points with at least 2 sub-points, and a conclusion. 8/25/10...
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