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Introductory Speech Outline 2 Main Points: Past & Future Introduction I. Quick Overview A. Story about father's plane crash 1. Cold Michigan blizzard; plane hits power line while landing; all die 2. The knock on the door B. Good morning, my name is Carole Miller C. With all of us. ..Our PAST sets stage for FUTURE. 1. We can grow from life's challenges OR 2. We can play the "entitlement card" 3. Randy Pausch: "We can't choose the cards we are dealt, only how we play the hand." II. Two points through time that define self A. Past: My convictions B. Future: My dreams (Transition to 1 st main point: First let me tell you how my past helped form who I am) Body I. PAST: Moral integrity and education a priority: Prop=Hat A. Raised by single mom: college teacher 1. Father died 2. Mother struggled to get college degree B. No one can take education away from you C. Mom taught by example: truthfulness , financial honesty, kindness to others (Transition to 2nd main point: Let's now look through my crystal ball to my future)
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Unformatted text preview: II. FUTURE: Volunteer on large scale basis Prop=Brochure with Eyob A. Work with national organization 1. Example: Child Fund, Heifer International, Peace Corp 2. Explore new cultures and help less fortunate B. Help children to become independent through education & skill training (e.g. farming) (Transition to conclusion: In closing. ..) Conclusion I. By knowing my standards and beliefs it will help you in class. II. Review 2 main points A. What Mother taught: D on’t tolerate deception, lying, or laziness; place a high priority on education to be independent ; don't be dependent on others B. M ust step outside our “ self-centered universe ” to serve other s III. My challenge for each of you in this class: A. Enjoy learning a new skill; challenge yourself B. Learn the art of conveying your thoughts to others C. Learn the art of listening...
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