Chap 12 RTT movie

Chap 12 RTT movie - earlier that week. e. Coaches disagree...

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Organizational Behavior and Management 3103 Chapter 12 Teams: Remember the Titans Worksheet 1. Do you think the Titan team experienced process gain or process loss? Explain your answer. 2. Explain a time when the Titan team experienced production blocking? 3. Explain a time when the Titan team experienced motivational loss? 4. Taskwork processes: Name a time when the team or a member of the team did one of these taskwork processes. a. Creative behavior b. Decision making c. Boundary spanning i. Ambassador activities ii. Scout activities 5. Teamwork Processes: Consider the teamwork processes, for each event in the movie, list the teamwork process that best fits and explain why. a. Coach Boone brings an analysis of other coaches to Coach Yoast for him to analyze and prepare his defense. b. Gary asks to cut Ray from the team because Ray is hurting the progress of the team.
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c. Team has secret meeting because they know their performance isn’t what it needs to be at this time of the season. d. Gary and Julius argue on the field because Gary did not meet Julius to play basketball
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Unformatted text preview: earlier that week. e. Coaches disagree how the offensive line should be run. Coach Boone believes it should be simple and Coach Yoast believes it should be creative. f. Petey offers to help out on the sidelines although he is not allowed to play in championship. 6. Team States: Consider the team states. Explain at where or what level you see the Titan team for each of the following states at each point of the movie. a. Cohesion: Where was the cohesion of the team for the first game of the season? b. Potency: For the second game of the season, how was the teams potency? c. For the final game (state championship) where was the transactive memory of the team? Explain why you think it was at a high or low level. 7. Watch the communication between Coach Boone and the players during a football game. How does Coach Boone encode his messages? What are examples of noise? How rich is the information?...
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Chap 12 RTT movie - earlier that week. e. Coaches disagree...

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