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Organizational Behavior Chapter 13 Remember the Titans Worksheet 1. Power types : Label each instance in the movie with a type of power (legitimate, reward, coercive, expert, or referent) a. Coach Boone tells Coach Yost he’s won several different division titles in his career. b. Coach Boone is given the head coach position from the school board. c. Coach Boone starts 3-a-day practices and makes them run for dropping passes. d. Coach Boone gets to decide who is going to get to play. e. Coach Yost tells Coach Boone it has been a great “honor” to work under him. 2. Contingency Factors : In each one of these cases, Coach Boone deals with a different contingency factor to try to increase his power. Identify which contingency he is attempting to manipulate in each scenario a. Coach Boone gives a press conference saying, “He will not be intimidated!” Here he is working towards increasing their _______________. b. Coach Boone gets upset with Coach Yost for giving Petey a second chance and undermining his authority. It appears he is trying to increase his _____________. c. When Coach Boone and Coach Yost are discussing the two working together, Coach Yost says, “I will run the defense” but Coach Boone quickly corrects him, “as a
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Chap_13_14_RTT_movie - Organizational Behavior Chapter 13...

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