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Management and Organizational Behavior Exam 1: Chapters 1-5 Review Chapter 1 1. What are the two main outcomes that we are working toward maximizing in Organizational Behavior? 2. What is an organization? 3. Define organizational behavior 4. It is important to remember that Organizational Behavior uses what kind of methodology? 5. What is a theory? 6. What is a hypothesis? 7. What are the steps in testing a theory? 8. There are five individual mechanisms (these are factors that contribute to the OB outcomes that result from individuals interacting with the organization). Name them and define them briefly. 9. What is the conceptual argument (viewing humans as a resource) that says OB is important? 10. Why are good people or human resources hard to copy? (three reasons) 11. What are the two organizational factors that contribute to the OB outcomes? 12. What are the two individual characteristics (things the individual brings that companies don’t/can’t change much) that contribute to OB? 13. In OB, what is strong, moderate and weak correlation? 14. How does a positive and negative correlation differ? Chapter 2 1. What is the basic formula of good job performance? 2. What is task performance? a. What are the three kinds of tasks? Label the below examples i. Chef creates a new recipe. ii. Teacher has to evacuate class for fire.
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iii. Receptionist answers phones. 3. What is a citizenship behavior? a. There are two major types of citizenship behavior what are they? i. There are three kinds of interpersonal citizenship behavior. What are they? Label the examples below. 1. Bob is maintaining a good attitude even though he is dealing with a difficult co-worker. 2. Mandy tells her coworkers about a new program the company is doing that will pay for your mileage. 3. Randy asks Gina if he can help her with her proposal since he knows the deadline is very soon. ii.
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ob_rev_2_5 - Management and Organizational Behavior Exam 1:...

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