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Study Guide for Chapters 10-11 This study guide only covers key terms for the last two chapters. However, the comprehensive final exam (pages 1-557) will contain departmental embedded questions by other MIS faculty members. The information systems development approach p.411 SDLC Page Ref: 414 Tactical focus, p. 415 Methods and instruments used by analysts for collecting system requirements p. 416 What describe facts about people, objects or events, Page Ref: 418 Processing and logic operations. Page Ref: 422 Business document containing only predefined data, Page Ref: 422 Programming, Page Ref: 424 Systems conversion, Page Ref: 424 The four types of system maintenance, Page Ref: 426
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Unformatted text preview: Prototyping, Page Ref: 428 • Why organizations build their own IS systems, Page Ref: 431 • Benchmarking program, Page Ref: 435 • Ongoing management, Page Ref: 440 • End-users, p. 440 • Database management systems, Page Ref: 443 • Computer literacy, Page Ref: 455 • Digital divide, Page Ref: 457 • Computer ethics, page Ref: 458 • Identity theft, Page Ref: 459 • Data integrity, Page Ref: 461 • Spam, Page Ref: 463 Recommendation: Pay attention for Information and enterprise systems (ie: supply chain management, knowledge management system, enterprise resource planning); network (LAN, WAN, router, etc); security, ethics, etc. Furthermore, review study guides for test1, test2, test3...
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