Intro - Rainer Scarton 4/22 Team-05 Facebook(3 Tyler Burns...

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Presentation Date Team# Description Members 4/22 Team- 10 Wal-Mart (3) William Bones, James Colbert, Ethan Harms 4/18 Team-01 Apple (3) Taylor Boso, Yu Hsin Liang, Latonia Woods 4/20 Team-02 Sony (2) Camaria Falufebres, Candace Lamkin 4/22 Team-03 Southwest Airline (3) Adiam Gherezgiher, William Littlecalf, Selvin Sam 4/20 Team-04 Google (3) Tyler Dollins, Charmaine Farmer-Fuller,
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Unformatted text preview: Rainer Scarton 4/22 Team-05 Facebook (3) Tyler Burns, Jordan Dean, Nicolas Hale 4/20 Team-07 eBay (3) Jason Bean, Kolton Liller, Tricia Prososki 4/18 Team-11 Smucker (3) Kristina Lochner, Mary Renz, Cynthia Rice Choose one presentation from the following: 4/18, , 4/22...
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