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Our memories may lead to some of our present resentments. In Lucy: A Novel Mariah and Lucy have differing views on Spring and express them with reminiscent diction, tone, and anecdotes. Mariah's diction and tone convey her apparent love for the warm season while Lucy has a reluctance to agree as seen by her anecdote. This all works together to convey how not all impressions are perfect but they are also not permanent. Mariah and Lucy have differing views on spring with Mariah portraying her excitement for the new season with a reminiscent diction and tone. Mariah has spent her time outside of the new season longing for its return. The beautiful season has nothing but great memories that
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Unformatted text preview:leave her "glad to be alive' to witness and revisit the old memories she's made. Mariah spends her time thrilled because "as soon as spring comes" there will be new experiences and new memories to make each time. Lucy, on the other hand, has a long time resentment for spring conveyed through the anecdote of her past experiences. Unlike Mariah, Lucy relates spring with an "anger" that she didn't realize she had. Due to the connotation of spring with daffodils, the season was unintentionally loathed by herself. While she had no love for spring she had hoped that Mariah could show her the " magic of the spring sky" and give her a new view of the season.