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Test3StudyGuide - Geographic Information System p.347...

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Spring 2010 ISOM3263Test3 (Chapter 7 9) Zombie, p.272 Spyware, p.275 Phishing , p.277 Cookie , p.278 Biometrics, p. 282 Bio-identify, p.282 Tunneling, p.284 Certificate authority, p.288 DSS, p.330 What-if analyses, p.330 Customer service tracking, p.322 Inferencing, p.338 Distributed, p.336 Explicit knowledge, p.342 Tacit knowledge, p.342
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Unformatted text preview: Geographic Information System, p.347 Tremendous inefficiencies within an organization, p.361 Value chain, p.364 Legacy, p.369 Enterprise Resource Planning, p.370 Downstream information flows, p.371 Business Process Management, p.372 Back-office, p.381 ERP and CRM applications, SCM, p.388...
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