Instruction for expatriate assignment

Instruction for expatriate assignment - is when expatriates...

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Please note the following: 1. Select a country from the following: Brazil, India, Pakistan, Syria, Columbia, Iceland, Thailand, Kuwait, Algeria, Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria, Cameron, Albania, Croatia, Greece, Hungary, Panama, and Yemen. 2. Compensation package involves most of the following: base salary, foreign service premium (extra pay for working outside the home country), hardship allowance (this varies from country to country, amount depends on risks involved and cultural difficulties), cost of living allowance (this depends on the living standard in each country), housing allowance (if a house or apartment is not provided), taxation (this
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Unformatted text preview: is when expatriates pay tax in the host country, then the company compensates expatriates), incidental benefits ( schooling for children, medical expenses, etc.), etc. 3. The items included in the packages depends on how successful an employee in his/her negotiation with the company. 4. Most often overseas assignments mean promotion or higher salary. Nevertheless, individuals must negotiate carefully not only the nature and scope of their package but also job and responsibilities after re-expatriation (after overseas assignment; back to HQ or home country office). 5. Read the following and work on it as a group of no more than 5:...
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