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Excel Case 4 - Produce Comparison

Excel Case 4 - Produce Comparison - EXCEL CASE 4 PRODUCE...

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EXCEL CASE 4: PRODUCE COMPARISON FINE FARE CATERING: PRODUCE COMPARISON SKILLS Copy a formula with absolute cell references Copy a formula with relative cell references Copy cell contents Create formulas using the AVERAGE function Create formulas using the MAX function Enter formula arguments by pointing Fill a range of cells with a series Fill adjacent cells with formulas Insert a cell Move cell contents Reposition worksheets in a workbook Use absolute references Use relative references Add headers to worksheets CASE SCENARIO Fine Fare Catering is a caterer in Deerfield, Illinois. When preparing meals, Fine Fare chefs try to use locally produced, organically grown foods as much as possible. One way for Fine Fare to manage their expenses is to buy produce directly from the farmer. As administrative assistant, you have found sources for produce the chefs use often, including lettuce, tomatoes, potatoes, and bell peppers. To keep costs low, you want to compare the cost of produce you purchase per
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