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Excel Case 5 - FLMC budget

Excel Case 5 - FLMC budget - EXCEL CASE 5 FLMC BUDGET...

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EXCEL CASE 5: FLMC BUDGET FINGER LAKES MUSIC CAMP: PREPARING A FINANCIAL STATEMENT SKILLS Apply cell styles Copy cell contents Create charts using column chart types Delete rows and columns Indent text Insert columns and rows Merge cells and center their contents Position a chart Right align cells CASE SCENARIO Situated in the Finger Lakes region of New York State, Finger Lakes Music Camp (FLMC) is a popular camp for aspiring musicians ages 9-17. A board of governors oversees the general administration of the camp, sets long-term goals, and maintains continuity. The board requests an annual financial statement that compares budgeted amounts to actual expenditures. As assistant to the camp director, one of your responsibilities is to prepare this annual financial statement. The director has created a worksheet that includes the basic data. Now you can work with Excel’s formatting and charting tools to prepare the worksheet for the board.
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