Excel Case 6b - Crockett Forestry Schedule

Excel Case 6b - Crockett Forestry Schedule - EXCEL CASE 6B...

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EXCEL CASE 6B: CROCKETT FORESTRY SCHEDULE CROCKETT FORESTRY: CREATING A TOUR SCHEDULE SKILLS Apply cell styles Apply date and comma number formats Change the font color Check spelling in a worksheet Copy a formula with absolute cell references Copy cell contents Edit a formula Fill a range of cells with a series Fill adjacent cells with formulas Merge cells and center their contents Modify row height Modify worksheet names Use absolute references Use relative references CASE SCENARIO Located in eastern Tennessee, Crockett Forestry provides consulting and management services to area cities and landowners. To educate the public about forest conservation, Crockett Forestry also conducts private tours through Tennessee national and state parks. As a marketing intern, you prepare many of the printed materials that the company provides to its customers and tour attendees. Because the weekend tours have proved to be especially popular, you need to create a schedule of tour reservation times, including fees for park passes and vehicle parking. You have already prepared the basic material, and now need to use Excel’s formatting features to make the worksheet more appealing and easy to use. STUDENT DATA FILE Excel06b_FirstLastName_1.xlsx ( Note: Download your personalized start file from cgoffice2007.course.com) Instructions
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2 CASEGRADER OFFICE 2007 1. Open the file Excel06b_ FirstLastName _1 and rename the file as
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Excel Case 6b - Crockett Forestry Schedule - EXCEL CASE 6B...

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