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PP19 - Texas State University—San Marcos Ingram School of...

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Unformatted text preview: Texas State University—San Marcos Ingram School of Engineering EE3340: Fields and Waves é o L. LLT c 0 P5 Practice Problem 19: Skin Depth NAME: DATE: A remote but real possible danger to the nation’s electronic infrastructure is the possibility of a nuclear weapon exploding high above the atmosphere and producing a high—altitude electromagnetic pulse (EMP). This could generate large electric fields similar to those that occur near lightning strikes, but the field would appear over huge areas of the country all at once. While a real EMP covers a wide variety of frequencies, let’s suppose for this exercise that you want to shield some sensitive equipment against a l-MHz wave. If a thickness of material equal to three skin depths will provide adequate shielding from the l-MHz wave, complete the following table to show how thick various types of material have to be in order to provide sufficient shielding in this way. C _ um _ — 3x104 ' s 10-3 _ a; M: sing: S’S'ufi’ C . 33?- I'SM : i‘Ofi SW: 35:— 1.9“: — p—un-u—n“ {E Fwt 5"- HZU : 35- l—SUI- __ If?“ __ Aciwuhjl {f‘gkwuigu L3 ”:9: (9 $00”! .. _,.__ _ _____‘ ills“J Lowlubl’cu vii" l rt'I‘h-l 5“:L° 11“- 3 = (3% <3 13 i [I H 6,11” (I) ““5: 03*5 - “5:7 -_ E ___. . —L v] if. L DZ__DJIE;( i+ §)1_‘) rwbrc+oL___Z.\ll0 W 1500b» LLPM ...
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