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PP20 - SoLuTthw S EE3340 Spring 2010 Lecture 20 Practice...

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Unformatted text preview: SoLuTthw S EE3340 Spring 2010 Lecture 20 Practice Problems — Poynting Vector and Polarization 1. At a particular location at an instant of time t, the electric field EU) - E.&, where = 200 V/m. At the same location, the magnetic field Hm - H,&,, where H0 = 600 mA/m. Find the magnitude and direction of the Poynting vector P - E x H at this location and instant. F a w a“ t . . i (11% o to no (cowl. 'va“: z T E X H 3 ? ;-P‘Qi Pt- — lg: ): Y a! (h - 2. J‘MIQLHG‘ ) 2. A uniform TEM plane wave has a phasor electric—field magnitude of IEsl = 3 Wm. What is the power density of this wave (in W m‘z) if the medium is 1. (a)air(e,=1)? prozetmp So pm: \Frl ; .“L (H ““7“? ET men/t) i (b) alumlna(8-96)° Hf: :35}: [215% 3° “‘73; (1‘2) 1 37.0(MW/w’ V. . 2W A 3. At the plane x=y=0, a uniform plane wave traveling in the +2 direction has this expression for its electric field vector: Sketch an x—y coordinate system and draw a line indicating the path of the electric—field vector during one cycle, and state whether the polarization is linear, elliptical, or circular. —-} Li'lcfi‘” ...
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