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1 MKF2121 Marketing Research Methods Semester 1, 2020 Assignment 2: Marketing Research Analysis Report (Slide-Deck) The objective of this assignment is to give students the opportunity to practice solving real marketing research problems with data. Detailed instruction on how to complete the assignment is available in “Assignment 2 – Guide” section of this document. Here are some general requirements for the assignment. 1. The due date/time of the assignment is by 11:59pm on Sunday after week 11 (June 7). 2. The assignment is individual work . Collaboration or consultation with anyone other than the unit’s teaching staff is strictly prohibited 3. One copy is to be uploaded at the “Assignment 2” submission tab on the unit’s Moodle site. In the rare event that unforeseen technical issues on Moodle prevent you from completing the submission process, you should email the report to your tutor. 4. You need to first agree to the "plagiarism statement" above before you are allowed to submit this assignment. Do NOT include cover sheets in your submission . 5. Naming your file for submission the file name must start with the day and time of your Allocate+ tutorial and contain your last name. For example, if your tutorial is 2pm on Wednesdays and your last name is “Smith.” Your file name should be “wed2pm_smith_assignment2. pdf 6. Submission format: PDF file . Students will submit a slide-deck encapsulating their results and takeaways. Maximum number of slides is 10, excluding any appendices and the title slide . Exceeding the slide count could result in a penalty of up to 10% of your mark for the assignment 7. Please put any references you may have in the Appendix. 8. Students are required to keep a soft copy of their report until they get the marked report back. It is also the student's responsibility to double check that the assignment has been completely uploaded to the correct link on time and that it is the correct version . To double check, go to the Moodle link where you submitted the assignment, download your submitted file and check: 1) that the file is downloadable and can be opened using Adobe Acrobat; and 2) that it is the file you intend to submit for grading 9. Detailed instructions on how to analyse data and report the research results are available on the unit’s Moodle site . Please read them carefully before starting your work. 10. Please contact your tutor and/or the lecturer if you have any further questions.
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