Homework 03 - ELEN3441FundamentalsofPowerEngineering...

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ELEN 3441 – Fundamentals of Power Engineering Spring 2011 Page | 1 Homework 3 – Due February 9, 11 3.1. (25 pt.) a 20 kVA, 8000/277 V distribution transformer has the following resistances and reactances: R p = 32 Ω , X p = 45 Ω , R C = 250 k Ω , R s = 0.05 Ω , X s = 0.06 Ω , X m = 30 k Ω . The excitation branch impedances are given referred to the high-voltage side of the transformer. a) Find the equivalent circuit of this transformer referred to the high-voltage side; b) Find the per-unit equivalent circuit of this transformer; c) Assume that this transformer is supplying rated load at 277 V and 0.8 PF lagging. What is the transformer’s input voltage? What is its voltage regulation? d) What is the transformer’s efficiency under the conditions of part c)? 3.2. (20 pt.) A single-phase power system is shown in Figure 3.2. The power source feeds a 100 kVA 14/2.4 kV transformer through a feeder impedance of 38.2+j140 Ω . The transformer’s equivalent series impedance referred to its low-voltage side is 0.12+j0.5
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Homework 03 - ELEN3441FundamentalsofPowerEngineering...

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