Homework 06 - ELEN3441FundamentalsofPowerEngineering...

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ELEN 3441 – Fundamentals of Power Engineering Spring 2011 Page | 1 Homework 6 – Due April 8, 11 6.1. (15 pt.) At a location in Europe, it is necessary to supply 300 kW of 60-Hz power. The only power sources available operate at 50 Hz. It is decided to generate the power by means of a motor-generator set consisting of a synchronous motor driving a synchronous generator. How many poles should each of the two machines have in order to convert 50-Hz power to 60-Hz power? 6.2. (20 pt.) A 480-V 200-kVA 0.8-power-factor-lagging 60-Hz two-pole Y-connected synchronous generator has a synchronous reactance of 0.25 and an armature resistance of 0.03 . At 60 Hz, its friction and windage losses are 6 kW, and its core losses are 4 kW. The field circuit has a dc voltage of 200 V, and the maximum IF is 10 A. The resistance of the field circuit is adjustable over the range from 20 to 200 . The magnetization curve of this generator is shown in Figure 6-1.
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Homework 06 - ELEN3441FundamentalsofPowerEngineering...

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