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Written Assignment Guidelines 1. Your assignment is due at the beginning of class on the due date, April 9, 2010 . Late papers, regardless of the reason, will not be graded and will result in a grade of zero . 2. You must turn in a hard print copy. Computer discs or emails will result in a grade of zero. 3. Papers must be standard size, double spaced, with one inch margins on all sides. 4. You must turn in a copy to www.turnitin.com by the due date. (Class IDs, passwords and due dates are provided below.) Failure to do so will result in a grade of zero. 5. Your paper should be grammatically correct and free from errors. Your grade will be reduced for incorrect spelling, incomplete or otherwise grammatically incorrect sentences, incorrect punctuation, etc. Therefore you should use a spell and grammar checker. 6. You should provide succinct but complete answers according to GAAP. Long quotes of GAAP that are not on point or add nothing to the analysis will lower your grade. 7.
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