HUM_300_Sp11[1] - 1 Humanities 300-01 (Schedule #13397)...

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Unformatted text preview: 1 Humanities 300-01 (Schedule #13397) Lorraine Affourtit Junior Writing Seminar GWAR Office: HUM 337 Spring 2011 Office Hours: T/TH 11 am -12 pm T/TH 9:35 - 10:50 AM Email: [email protected] HUM Room 111 Office Phone: 415.338.1295 (no VM) GWAR Junior Writing Seminar (aka Humanities Academic Writing Boot Camp) Course Description : This course is a writing-intensive seminar and workshop in which students will explore methods for approaching and making careful observations about different cultural forms as well as developing interpretive questions and arguments from these observations. Students will get practice with writing about a wide range of genres and types of humanistic works, including visual art, novels, short stories, critical essays, dramatic works, and short films through in-class exercises and structured writing outside of class. We will build an in-class writing community in which we will conduct respectful, engaged intellectual discussions, peer-review exercises, and writing workshops. Learning Objectives 1. In this course students will work primarily on acquiring skills for writing successful Humanities papers. Students will: • Learn to observe and articulate in writing their responses to several kinds of cultural forms. • Learn to identify several genres of expression and to appreciate the importance of genre and convention in the arts. • Learn to distinguish between formal, contextual, and comparative analysis of the arts. • Learn to formulate an effective interdisciplinary thesis and to identify and present supporting evidence for it. Course Requirements TOTAL: 100% 1. Mandatory attendance and readiness to share work with classmates. (10% of course grade) 2. Writing assignments: (90% of course grade) • 6 papers of 3-4 pages (5% each; 30% total) • 4 papers of 1-2 pages (5% each; 20% total) • revisions of two papers into 5-7 page papers. (5% each, 10% total) • Final Writing Portfolio (30%) 2 Low Stakes/ Contract Grading Policy: Because this course satisfies the GWAR requirement, grades are given on a ABC/NC scale (i.e. you need to receive a C- or higher in order to pass). Therefore, I have devised a system that alleviates some of the "grade pressure" that can inhibit learning and enforce mismanaged priorities. Students in this course will enter into a "good faith" contract with the instructor that ensures a decent grade to any students who complete and turn in all assignments on-time. The idea is that when the pressure is taken off of grading, focus returns to the process of writing and the progress that you will inevitably make if you do all of the work. How this looks: • Each of the 12 writing assignments will receive a ( √-), ( √ ), or ( √ +) - no letter grades. I may circle areas that need attention or make checks throughout the paper, but I will not comment extensively unless approached for individual feedback. I am available during office hours after every class, so please make time to come see me if you need specific feedback on your writing. if you need specific feedback on your writing....
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HUM_300_Sp11[1] - 1 Humanities 300-01 (Schedule #13397)...

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