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Prosocial Behavior 11 30 10 - 11/30/2010 Prosocial Behavior...

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11/30/2010 Prosocial Behavior Egoism vs altruism? Why do we help? o Biological influences o Sociocultural influences o Psychological mechanisms When do we help? Final Exam!!!! o Tues 14 th 12:30 Comprehensive exam o Just kidding Chapters 11-14; 40 MC Qs The “Man in the Water” o Prosocial Behavior o Allows us to study the us at the very best in life What is the essence of human nature? o Good or evil? o Selfish or unselfish by nature? A: Selfishness Darwin, Freud, Skinner, Hobbes, Nietzsche: Humans motivated by gratification of personal needs Rather unconcerned with the needs of others Is helping biologically illogical? o Is helping inconsistent with evolutionary theory?
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11/30/2010 1. Kin Selection and Inclusive Fitness The level of the gene, not the level of the individual in which the evolution happens o It happens on genes a. Ex. U are genetically 50% mom and 50% dad. If mom/dad could take action that would cost them their life and save two kids, it’s a wash and 3 kids is a net gain. Will save tow halves, or three halves of genetic self. A great move. See it all the time in non-human animals. Ex. Ground squirrels. Its costly for them to yell when they see a predator, but do it to alert kin of
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Prosocial Behavior 11 30 10 - 11/30/2010 Prosocial Behavior...

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