MKTG 01 - ALL MINI 1 If you need to communicate with the...

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ALL MINI 1 If you need to communicate with the instructor about the class, the only "official" mode of communication is? b. e-mail The final grade for the course is based on mini test scores (50%) and the final exam (50%). Jum had a total of 125 on his mini tests and a 35 on the final exam. Jum's final grade was? e. 125/130= 96%; 35/50=70%; (70+96)/2= 83% Jum earned a B _________ utility is associated with the physical or chemical changes that make a product more valuable a. Form Which of the following is a condition necessary for exchange to occur? a. A means of communication. Companies adopting __________ believe that aggressive sales techniques will result in more sales and high profits. b. a sales orientation Which of the following is an expected outcome of the consumer buying process? e. All of these are expected outcomes of the consumer buying process. Jin is shopping for clothes for school. He is very self confident and knows and trusts his classmates. Still, he would like to look nice on the first day. Jin is likely to use ________ problem solving as he purchases a new shirt for school? d. Limited Which of the following is NOT a concern during the purchase stage of the consumer buying process? a. Identifying all of the alternative products available. The first stage of the consumer buying process is: d. Where a consumer realizes that there is something he or she lacks. The only way you can make up a missed mini test is? b. You were physically unable to take the test during the entire two-week period it was available and can prove it with a doctor's excuse or other external documentation. You have ____________ to take each mini test. a. Two weeks What is the difference between a need and a want as discussed in class? c. A need is a perceived lack of something, a want is a culturally defined way to satisfy the need
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By definition, _____________ is an organizational function and a set of processes for creating, communicating, and delivering value to customers and for managing customer relationships in ways that benefit the organization and its stakeholders? d. Marketing What do we mean when we say a customer has the resources to buy a product c. The person has the time, money and authority to make the purchase? What was your instructor talking about when he mentioned a 'consideration set' during the lecture on the consumer buying process? c. The subset of the alternatives identified during the search phase that the consumer evaluates before making a decision. Pearl is on her way to a party. She turns on her digital camera and notices that the batteries are almost dead. Pearl is likely to engage in _________ problem solving as she buys new batteries? e. Routine
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MKTG 01 - ALL MINI 1 If you need to communicate with the...

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