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MKTG Mini Quiz 2 - All 2 Zach loves the sport of soccer He...

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All 2 Zach loves the sport of soccer. He is a huge fan of the Brazilian national team. He collects pictures of the team and wears the Brazilian team colors during world cup soccer matches. He hopes to be good enough to play on the Brazilian soccer team some day. For Zach, the Brazilian soccer team is a(n) ____________? c. Aspirational group Which of the following statements about attitudes is FALSE? d. Attitudes are permanent Which of the following is NOT one of the social influences on the consumer buying process discussed in class? c. Personality According to your text, the typical consumer is exposed to _________ advertising messages in a day? c. 2500 One of the ways personality is useful to marketers is to identify key ___________, or enduring characteristics such as innovativeness, self-confidence, sociability, which will vary from person to person. d. Personality traits Younjin is a purchasing agent for Acme Enterprises. She is responsible for the company's copiers. The company makes lots and lots of copies so they spend more than $10 million on copies each year. Younjin is considering replacing all of the company's copiers with a networked solution that digitizes all documents and prints them on demand at designated workstations. This system will have to be custom designed for the company and will cost several million dollars. Younjin will probably treat this as a __________ decision? e. New task buy _____________ include retail and wholesale businesses. e. Resellers Which of the following is NOT information that is available categorized by NAICS codes? e. Current price data What do we mean when we say demand for industrial goods is derived? b. Consumers buy industrial goods indirectly when they purchase consumer goods that use industrial goods as components. Bruce is trying to sell his new "Bruce's Blend" of coffee to Starbucks. He met with the buyer and the buyer arranged for Bruce to serve a sample of his new blend to a group of 'tasters' who will taste the coffee and tell the buyer whether or not they think it is any good. These tasters are performing the role of ___________? e. Influencer
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Why did your instructor make the point that you can't just have "attitude"? d. Because an attitude always has to be about something The threshold level of perception is...? a. The minimum difference in a stimulus that a person will notice Which of the following statements about attitudes is FALSE? b. Attitudes become more favorable over time The Myers-Briggs personality inventory is one typology discussed in class. Which of the following is NOT one of the dimensions of the Myers Brigs personality inventory?
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