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MKTG Mini Quiz 08 - ALL 8 According to your instructor,...

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ALL 8 According to your instructor, what is one of the issues in creating a channel of distribution NOT normally covered in business courses? b. What is it about your product that would make it attractive for channel partner to work with you? Which of the following is NOT an issue typically addressed through distribution? a. Advertising Starbucks recently announced that it intends to open another 20,000 stores world wide including several in the United States. Even though it seems as if there is a Starbuck on every corner in America, the company feels there is a need for more outlets. This is an example of ___________ distribution. b. Intensive Kendra runs a wholesale distribution center for candy. Each week she receives a truckload of candy from her supplier and unpacks it so that her customers only have to buy a case at a time. Kendra is adding value by ___________? e. Breaking bulk BruceCo is an inventory liquidator. The company identifies other businesses that have huge amounts of unsold inventory and buys it from them at pennies on the dollar. They then try to find another company that can use the inventory and sell it to them at a profit. What makes this business so fun is that you never know from day to day what product you will be dealing in or who might be a prospective customer. Which of these channels would be the best for BruceCo to adopt? d. Work with a broker to negotiate deals with any customer who wishes to purchase what BruceCo is trying to liquidate. he decision to hold inventory is critical to providing customer service through the supply chain. There are both costs and benefits. Which of these is NOT a cost of holding inventory? a. To save on capital expenditures Which of the following is NOT an example of a third-party provider of logistics? e. A design firm When I order a book from, an online bookseller, I receive an order confirmation that tells me when my package will leave the Amazon warehouse, the name of the shipper, and a link to the shipper's website that allows me to track the progress of my package from the warehouse to my home. This way I know exactly when to expect my package. This is an example of the use of ____________ to smooth the flow of goods and services through the channel of distribution? d. Information What is the difference between the supply chain and the value chain? d. Very little. The value chain concept simply recognizes that in an efficient network, each member of the supply chain adds value to the product as it moves from raw material to the end user
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Materials handling deals with loading and unloading products and moving them from place to place. The one of the biggest issues in material handling is? e. All of these are issues associated with materials handling
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MKTG Mini Quiz 08 - ALL 8 According to your instructor,...

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