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OM final report - Caylin Jones, Theresa Perkins, Erica...

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Caylin Jones, Theresa Perkins, Erica Pooler, Eric Tung Dr. Chien-Yu Chen OM 301-002 4/22/2010 Game Strategy Report Being able to do this simulation has taught us a lot about what goes on in operations management. There are a lot of factors that have to be worked out in order to generate a profit. Although that is the main goal that everyone is trying to reach, being able to satisfy the consumer’s demand should be the first priority. Before starting, our group had a meeting discussing the strategy we would take while playing this simulation. We decided that we should produce more than what we need so that we could prevent ourselves from stocking out. Basically, our group wanted to have a safety stock just in case we miscalculated. Prior to the simulation, we were allowed a practice run to try out different strategies. Being new to the experience, our group had some trouble understanding what to do. But what worked for us was being able to mass produce the product to satisfy demand. It was relieving when we saw that our team wasn’t in the red. When week one began we understood that we already had some inventory in Delta. This allowed us to produce more products for the upcoming weeks. We calculated the highest demand possible for each city and sent out shipment relative to that demand. This still gave us enough to satisfy week two’s variable demand. Next, we took the raw material we had from the initial week and put that into production for more tabet. We sent it off with regular shipping so that we could
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OM final report - Caylin Jones, Theresa Perkins, Erica...

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