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- 1 - OM 301-002: O PERATIONS M ANAGEMENT S PRING 2010 COURSE: OM 301-002, Operations Management (3 Credits) Prerequisite: OM/DESC 210 and sophomore standing CLASS MEETING: Monday and Wednesday 3:00–4:15PM Robinson Hall B201 INSTRUCTOR: Dr. Chien-Yu Chen, Assistant Professor of Operations Management Office: Enterprise Hall 154 Phone: 703-993-1874 E-mail: [email protected] Fax: 703-993-1809 OFFICE HOURS: Monday and Wednesday 4:30–6:00PM and by appointment TEXTBOOK: J. Heizer & B. Render, Principles of Operations Management , 7 th Ed., Pearson Prentice Hall, Upper Saddle River, New Jersey, 2007 (ISBN-13: 978-0-13-244975-5) WEB SITE: (login with your Mason e-mail username and password) OVERVIEW: This SOM core course introduces concepts, principles and techniques for managing manufacturing and service operations at all business organizations, private and public. To gain competitive advantage, operations managers at non-profit as well as for-profit business organizations pursue effectiveness and efficiency in their value-adding processes. This course exposes students to a spectrum of operations management (OM) subjects from operations strategy, product design, manufacturing and service process selection, just-in-time philosophy, project management, forecasting, quality management, inventory control, to supply chain management. Students would develop both qualitative and quantitative OM skills through course lectures, class discussions, homework exercises, and hands-on games. UNDERGRADUATE PROGRAM LEARNING GOALS: 1) Our students will be competent in their discipline. 2) Our students will be aware of the uses of technology in business. 3) Our students will be effective communicators. 4) Our students will have an interdisciplinary perspective. 5) Our students will be knowledgeable about global business and trade. 6) Our students will recognize the importance of ethical decisions. 7) Our students will be knowledgeable about the legal environment of business. 8) Our students will be knowledgeable about team dynamics and the characteristics of effective teams. 9) Our students will understand the value of diversity and the importance of managing diversity in the context of business. 10) Our students will be critical thinkers.
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2 COURSE OBJECTIVES: By the end of the course, students will be able to: Develop tools to improve business processes in order to increase competitiveness. Design new processes by using quantitative and qualitative tools to integrate business functions and new technologies. Understand the components of operations management and how they are related to other major business decision areas. Learn project management techniques. Develop logic and analytical thinking required in handling real-world business
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