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SOC 350 Prompts and Reading Questions Bruno Latour, The Pasteurization of France Introduction 1. Discuss the insight about history and “great men” that Latour takes from Leo Tolstoy’s War and Peace . How does Tolstoy’s account of Mikhail Kutuzov provide a point of departure for Latour’s treatment of Louis Pasteur? How does the approach to history that both Tolstoy and Latour are advocating differ from, e.g., the kind of history we’re taught to recite in high school? 2. What exactly is it about Pasteur that Latour insists on taking him as a case? Why didn’t he choose someone else? What is Latour trying to demonstrate about science, politics, and society? 3. Think about Latour’s research method and data. What are his ontological assumptions in approaching Pasteur? What kind of data is Latour using to make his case? 4. Think about how concepts we’ve dealt with in the class previously help to make sense of what Latour is up to. E.g. consider the following: posthumanism, decentering, dance of agency, the mutual production of subjects and objects, material civilization, material interaction, embodiment. 5.
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Latour_Bowring Questions - SOC 350 Prompts and Reading...

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