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SPC 1608: Fundamentals of Speech Professor: Kim Samocki Office: Bldg. 8-237 Bldg. 7-163 (communication office) Hours: MW 9:20 to 9:50 am & 12:45 to 1:30 pm TR - 10:00 11:15 am Phone: 407.582.2283 Fax: 407.582.2465 The quickest way to reach me and receive a response is via WebCT email for Hybrid students and ATLAS email for onsite students. Please send your questions in a timely manner. E-mail: [email protected] or [email protected] Course Description : Fundamentals of Speech is a three credit hour course designed to increase speaking, listening and evaluating skills through experience with analysis of techniques of preparation and delivery of extemporaneous speeches . No prerequisites are required. The focus of this course is on the presentation, organization, and oral delivery of messages to audiences in practical situations encountered in personal and professional life. We will also spend considerable time on listening and critical thinking technique, group communication and verbal and nonverbal language use. Through lecture and discussion, activities and group work, we will gain competency in our values, thoughts, words and actions. The assignments integrated into this course reinforce CLAST competencies and Valencia Student Outcomes. Student Learning Leader Information: This course is enhanced by Supplemental Learning {SL}. SL classes are supported by small group sessions led by Supplemental Learning Leaders (former students) who are selected because they passed the course with a high grade. These study sessions are regularly scheduled, casual sessions in which students from your class compare notes, discuss assignments, and develop organizational tools and study skills. Students who participate in these sessions make better grades in the course. Valencia Competencies : 1. Think: think clearly, critically, and creatively. Analyze, synthesize, integrate and evaluate in many domains of human inquiry. 2. Communicate: communicate with different audiences using varied means. 3. Value: make reasoned value judgments and responsible commitments. 4. Act: act purposefully, reflectively, and responsibly. Course Objectives : To gain information about and an understanding of interpersonal, group, public and mass communication.
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To acquire knowledge and develop skills necessary for preparation, organization, and delivery of informative and persuasive oral presentations. To develop marketable business communication skills since the number one skill sought after by businesses in their new hires is effective communication skills . To develop the ability to evaluate oral messages in terms of their content, form, and delivery. Required Materials : Gamble, T. K. and Gamble, M., 9 th edition (2008). Communication Works. NY, NY. McGraw-Hill Speech Assignment Packet: available in bookstore, folder, mini stapler VHS videotape: be sure to bring on every scheduled speech day Welcome to the Fundamentals of Speech!
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