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Montgomery College – Germantown Global Environmental Issues Symposium Biology 101 The Global Environmental Issues Symposium is a student led discussion of six major topics in Global Environmental Studies. Participation in the Symposium takes the place of the final laboratory exam , and is worth 100 points for the course. Students will work in teams of 3-4 individuals to research, prepare and present a report on their assigned topic. There are specific research and preparation goals for each preparatory laboratory period. There will be an assignment, which will be assessed each laboratory period. Final presentations will be given the last three-scheduled lab periods of the semester. Grading: 40% (40 points/100) will be earned by each individual student during the 4 preparation lab periods due to their participation. Up to 10 points per preparation laboratory period may be earned by each individual for thoroughness of completion of
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Unformatted text preview: the assigned task for that period. Attendance and completion of the assigned task will determine the points awarded. Grading: 60% (60 points/100) will be earned during the group presentation. The group presentation will be evaluated on the following criteria: (1) How thorough was the coverage of the topic? 10 points (2) How well were the “general questions” answered ? 10 points (3) How “ clear ” was the presentation of the topic? 10 points (4) What was the quality of the power point 10 points (5) How well was the topic “ summarized ” on the class “ handouts ”? 10 points (6) What was the overall quality and organization of the presentation? 10 points Each presentation will be 15 to 20 minutes in length. The audience may ask questions at the conclusion. Questions will be constructed from each presentation for inclusion on the final exam....
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