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Global Environmental Issues Symposium Topics A) Groundwater Pollution : Include lakes and rivers. Consider contamination from herbicides, insecticides, fertilizer, radioactive waste, heavy metals (mercury), medicines and sewage. Investigate “aquifers” and “fracking”. Indicate the quantity of freshwater available. B) Global Warming : Include global CO 2 concentration change. Consider global icecaps melting; water level rising, alternative energy source, and fossil fuels vs. alternative fuel, change in tropical disease demographics. C) Nuclear Waste : Include amount of nuclear waste now present, clean-up, storage, transportation– Yucca Mountain storage. Discuss research usage, hospitals, nuclear power plants, and military disposal/location. D) Solid Waste Recycling : Consider recycling vs. landfills vs. incinerators – cost & pollution. Indicate comparative costs and problems with technology of recycling. E)
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