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Montgomery College Germantown BI 101 General Biology Fall 2011 Instructor : Clinton Brown Office: 211 SAS Office Hours: by appointment Telephone: 301-469-1164 Email: [email protected] Grading Policy Grades will be determined on the basis of percent of total points earned of the following: Lecture Exam 1 = 100 points Lab Exam 1 = 100 points Lecture Exam 2 = 100 points Lab Exam 2 = 100 points Lecture Exam 3 = 100 points Lab Exam 3 = 100 points Lecture Final Exam 4 = 100 points Project Report = 100 points 5 lab reports @ 20 points ea = 100 points 2 Critical literacy assignments @ 25 points ea = 50 points Total Exam/Assignment points = 950 (All exams/assignments must be completed on time). A=90%, B=80%, C=70%, D=60%, F= below 60% Specific learning outcomes/objectives for each chapter and lab exercise are written within the text and lab manual. Attendance Regular attendance in both lecture and lab is expected. Missing more than 2 lab periods and associated objectives will withdraw you from the course . You are responsible for all course material (Lecture/Lab). Generally, it is not possible to make up a missed lab. If you miss a lab, you are responsible for reading the lab manual thoroughly, obtaining lab data from your lab partner and completing the analysis/question section on your own. This does not mean copying another student's lab. Only data may be shared. Questions are to be answered on your own. Read the section in your MC handbook concerning Academic Dishonesty for further information. Make-up Policy: Make-up of lecture exams or lab exams is NOT allowed without medical or legal documentation. In order to qualify, you must contact the instructor before the missed test. You must have a legitimate written excuse such as a physician’s note, court duty notice, etc. Failure to do so will result in a zero for the missed test. The instructor retains the right to evaluate each case individually. Make-up of lab exams is not possible unless prior arrangements have been made to take the lab exam with another professor's class. This requires a week notice. You may only take one make-up test. No make-ups are allowed for the Final Exam. Disability Support Services (DSS) Any student who may need an accommodation due to a disability, please make an appointment to see me. A letter from Disability Support Services (R-CB122; G-SA175; or TP-ST120) authorizing your accommodations will be needed. Any student who may need assistance in the event of an emergency evacuation must identify themselves to the Disability Support Services Office. Guidelines for emergency
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Overall+Procedure+&+grading - Montgomery College...

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